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Ringneck Pheasants
May 31, 2009, 10:10 pm
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This post if is for a friend she asked me to talk about pheasants.

The birds on the top are ringneck Pheasants. The Ringneck Pheasant is about the size of a larg chicken and can also come in smaller sizes too. The Hen of the ringneck pheasants I think lay vary good eggs that are grate to eat! But thats just what I think. The ringneck pheasants is a grate bird to have but sometimes they might not be the friendliest of birds. But if you have the time to hold them every day when they are chicks they could be grate friendly birds its just a little more work then others.  The Ringneck Pheasant is also a grate show bird for people who like to put your birds in FH shows. Well thats all i have to say about the Ringneck Pheasant for now if you want to know more about them or have anything to ask about this bird just comment on my post and ill get back to you on it.

As I said befor this was for my friend Lizzy 🙂


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hey! so, i don’t really understand why I am supposed to be looking at this blog. it’s pretty cool though! 🙂

Comment by morgan

Thank you. I am now informed. Neato.

Comment by Lizzy

This is a very pretty bird and I enjoyed hearing about this great bird. Are you considering buying birds, I would like to know why you are so interested in them.

Comment by cranno

Well I have chickens and i was going to buy 7 ringneck Pheasants but my grandpa would not let me get them. And i also just love farm birds so much they are the best thing every its fun having them and just i love them. I hope makes things clear 🙂 sorry for taking so long to get your comment.

Comment by geoffdog

My daughter would like to draw this photo for her art class. We would like your permission to do so. She is a junior in high school


Comment by cheryl

well thank you vary much for asking and yes by all means she can draw it

Comment by geoffdog

I just saw this bird for the first time this weekend I live in Wetumpka, AL. We were going home after church and he was pecking on side of the road my husband and I were so amazed by its beauty that we turned around and started watching it as we watched him from a distance to not disturb him, it started crossing the road and a @#*… didn’t even slow down and hit him we were so sad we even cried. You are right they are such wonderful creatures I started searching through internet to find a picture of the bird we saw to learn its name and this is it! It was a Ringneck Pheasant, I never saw one before not even in pictures (I feel so ignorant lol) Thank you for your post I learned a little more about this wonderful bird, I really wish I could have one. Do they required a lot of care?

Comment by Marilu

sorry to be so late on commenting back i am in high school and that takes up alot of time and then having to work on the farm does to so i am very sorry about how late im commenting. Yes they are so very amazing birds i do love them my self i used to have 4 of them and they are not hard to care for at all just like a chicken just the only thing is if u want to keep them u must clip their wings so they don’t fly away thats all. One thing alot of people love to do is they buy alot of them about 20 and then let them go i mean its agiants the law in the state of Cali but people do it anyone just don’t get cought.

Comment by geoffdog

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